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If you wait until the class to look at the material, you will not pass the test! Start taking practice tests online as soon as possible. The more practice tests you take, the better your chances of passing will be!

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If pre-registering, please do not forget to bring the FRN to the test session. The wording can not be changed. Every question and answer must be stated exactly as presented in this question pool.

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The order of answers can change. If the answer was in place B in the question pool , then it could be moved to A, C or D on the test.

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There will be 35 questions on the test , you must answer 26 questions correctly to pass. You will only receive 1 question from each sub element group.

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Example: In the T1A Group, there are 16 possible questions. Make sure that you prepare for your examination by studying material based upon the question pools currently in use. The pools are available to you in several non-government publications. Non-government sources also offer learning opportunities in the form of audio and video tapes, manuals and books, and computer and live instructional courses. The volunteer examiners are responsible for the proper conduct and necessary supervision of your examination, including:.

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Volunteer Examiners VEs are Amateur Extra Class radio operators who volunteer their time and talent to prepare and administer amateur radio operator license examinations. The examination for a Technician Class operator license grant is also prepared and administered by Advanced and General Class operators. Advanced Class licensees may also prepare and administer General Class license examinations.

A VE is a person at least 18 years of age whose license has never been revoked or suspended. Your close relatives, however, cannot be your VEs. Each VE, moreover, has been accredited by a Volunteer-Examiner Coordinator VEC , an organization that exists for the purpose of furthering the amateur service.

Getting your Amateur Radio License

Contact a VE team in your community to make arrangements for being administered the examination elements you desire. The VE teams make public announcements stating the location and time of each examination session. Your operating authority begins when your license grant information appears in the Amateur Radio Service licensing information, available by searching the Universal Licensing System ULS. These searches allow the viewing of pending applications and granted license information. There is no requirement that you have a license grant document showing the information in ULS in your possession before you begin operating.

Google Tag Manager. Earning the General class license requires passing a 35 question examination. General class licensees must also have passed the Technician written examination.

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The Amateur Extra class license conveys all available U. Amateur Radio operating privileges on all bands and all modes.

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Earning the license is more difficult; it requires passing a thorough 50 question examination. Extra class licensees must also have passed all previous license class written examinations. There are many resources available free, or for a price for those wishing to study for their Amateur Radio license. These include books, websites, and other online media. Question pools for each class of license are available freely for many sources.