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Ethical problems. Content Types A limited number of items are shown. Click to view More Electronic books. ISBNs , Summary The fourth edition of Ethics in Practice offers an impressive collection of 70 new, revised, and classic essays covering 13 key ethical issues. Essays integrate ethical theory and the discussion of practical moral problems into a text that is ideal for introductory and applied ethics courses. A fully updated and revised edition of this authoritative anthology of classic and contemporary essays covering a wide range of ethical and moral issuesIntegrates ethical theory with discussions of practical moral problems, and includes three essays on theory written specific.

Notes Description based upon print version of record. Includes bibliographical references. Information from the Web Learn more about where we find additional information on the web. George Sher. Social Justice in the Liberal State. Bruce Ackerman. What Should I Do? Alexander George. What Is Crime? Stuart Henry. Martha Albertson Fineman. Violence in Capitalism.

James A. Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility. Daniel E.

Equal Recognition. Alan Patten. Sex, Discrimination, and Violence. Stephen Kershnar. Governing Subjects. Isaac D.

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Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination Law. Deborah Hellman. Varieties of Feminist Liberalism. Amy R. Global Basic Rights. Charles R. The Constitution of Equality. Thomas Christiano. In Our Name. Eric Beerbohm. Equality and Tradition. Samuel Scheffler. Nils Holtug. Moral Dilemmas of Feminism. Laurie Shrage. The Idea of a Political Liberalism.

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Victoria Davion. Feminism and Families. Hilde Lindemann Nelson.

The Public Nature of Private Violence. Governmentality, Biopower, and Everyday Life. Majia Holmer Nadesan. The Duty to Obey the Law. William A.

To Whom Do Children Belong? Melissa Moschella. Respecting Persons in Theory and Practice. Is There a Duty to die? Robert F. Conflicts Of Rights. John Rowan. The Pursuit of Justice. James P. Wendy Brown. Justice and Public Administration. Charles F.

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The Routledge Handbook of the Ethics of Discrimination. Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Membership and Moral Formation. John F. Introduction to Applied Ethics. Professor Robert L.

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The Ethics of Legal Coercion. Vulnerability Politics.

Ethics in practice: an anthology

Katie Oliviero. Social and Political Philosophy. Necessary Goods. Gillian Brock. Approximate Justice. Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy, Volume 2.

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David Sobel. For and Against the State. John T. Philosophical Foundations of Children's and Family Law. Discrimination and Disrespect. Benjamin Eidelson. Human Rights and Human Well-Being. William J. Kenneth A. The Liberty Option. Tibor R. The Value and Limits of Academic Speech. Donald Alexander Downs.