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Coexistence Of Firebird And Interbase Or Brenden Walker Paul Vinkenoog

Using the Windows command regedit. One of these keys should exist, and point to your Firebird install dir. If this is not the case, go to the Firebird bin subdir and execute the following command from there:. If not, try just this:. Later RCs choke on the argument; they know what the correct install dir is and put it in the Registry themselves. If not, you're pretty much on your own told you you should install the final release, didn't I?

First publication under the title Coexistance of Firebird 1. Renamed Conclusion to Afterword less ambiguous. The Original Documentation is titled Coexistence of Firebird 1.


Copyright C All Rights Reserved. Initial Writers contact: paulvink at users dot sourceforge dot net. Coexistence of Firebird 1. Happy toggling! These are the installation steps to follow if you have a 1.

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If not, try just this: instreg install Later RCs choke on the argument; they know what the correct install dir is and put it in the Registry themselves. Added IB-Fb switching instructions. Added appendix on Release Candidates. Added introduction and conclusion. Added document history. Some other, minor changes. The AWK manual. Those interested are, of course, welcome to set up a secondary arch for older processors.

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Realistically, we don't support i as a practical matter. Enforce that more logically. Changes in Fedora for Desktop Users. Fedora Desktop. Spanning Desktop. In the latest version of '''Xorg''' included in this release, if you have a dual monitor setup, your desktop display will span across them instead of using a cloned display by default. This matches the behaviour of other operating systems. Better webcam support. We now have a library libv4l for decompressing various proprietary video formats in user space, and almost all applications that use webcams have been patched to use this library.

Add video processing to libv4l for better video quality for cams which lack any of the following in hardware: White balancing. Recognize laptop cams which are known to be installed upside down and rotate the image degrees in software. Clean up existing out-of-tree drivers, moving the decompression to libv4l where needed and merge them into the mainline, specifically the following ones: qc-usb: stv and similar -based cams, mainly Logitech QuickCam Express done as of kernel 2. ABRT has an extensible architecture and can not only catch and report segmentation faults and kernel oops, but also python backtraces.

To stop these messages, run the following command in a terminal in your session:. GNOME 2. Icons in menus and buttons. There is, however, no menu interface to enable the icons for the buttons. Compared to previous Fedora releases, there are a number of other changes in the default configuration of the GNOME desktop: The 'Windows' preference dialog is no longer installed by default.

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It is still available in the control-center-extra package. The 'Main Menu' preference dialog is no longer installed by default. It is still available in the alacarte package. The 'Show Desktop' button has been removed by default. If you prefer, you can add this panel applet back with right click, "Add to Panel The number of workspaces in the 'Workspace Switcher' has been reduced to 2. The panel now adds padding between applets and between icons in the notification area. Gnote is both an applet that can sit in your GNOME panel as well as a individual application you can run within other desktop environments.

Gnote will be installed by default in the Live CD as well in this release. Tomboy is still available as a optional alternative. If you are upgrading from the previous release you will not be migrated to Gnote and will continue to have Tomboy. Tomboy users can migrate easily to Gnote as it shares the file format and a plugin is available in Gnote that will automatically import Tomboy notes on first run. Many of the Tomboy plugins have been ported to Gnote. The following plugins are available as part of Gnote : Bugzilla Links.

You can copy the notes from Tomboy to Gnote using the following command in your home directory: cp -r. The sticky notes applet is not provided anymore since Gnote provides a better note taking utility and is available by default in this release. Sound preferences. Empathy supports importing accounts from Pidgin on first run so you can migrate more easily.

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If you are upgrading from a previous release, you will continue to have Pidgin by default. Pidgin continues to be available in the repository and is actively maintained. Passwords are stored in the keyring instead of plain text like in Pidgin. Voice chat with GoogleTalk.

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Voice chat requires extra gstreamer codecs and manual firewall reconfiguration and Pidgin now uses the same framework as well. Account migration support from Pidgin has been added to Empathy. Support for collaboration with Abiword and other programs. Disdvantages Missing plugin system, so many of the add-on features available to Pidgin like encryption are not available to Empathy.

Totem only supports a gstreamer back end now.

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The totem-xine back end has been removed completely. Epiphany in this release is now using the WebKit engine instead of the Gecko engine from Firefox. A simple way to try out GNOME Shell is to install the desktop-effects package: yum install desktop-effects gnome-shell. You can also run the following to invoke it directly. KDE 4. Plasma has a new Air look, improved job and notification management and fully-configurable keyboard shortcuts. There are also new Plasma widgets and existing ones are improved.