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Get Best Price 1. Absorption System is the removal of one or more selected components from a mixture of gases into a suitable liquid and is based on interphase mass transfer controlled largely by rates of diffusion. Absorption processes are divided into two groups,. View Complete Details. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. Get Latest Price Request a quote. Share via.

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Company Video. View Mobile Number. Call Ask for more details from the seller Contact Seller. Product Details. Absorption processes are divided into two groups, those in which the process is solely physical and those where a chemical reaction is occurring. In considering the design of equipment to achieve gas absorption, the main requirement is that the gas should be brought into intimate contact with the liquid, and the effectiveness of the equipment will largely be determined by the success with which it promotes contact between the two phases.

In absorption, the feed is a gas introduced at the bottom of the column, and the solvent is fed to the top, as a liquid; the absorbed gas and solvent leave at the bottom, and the unabsorbed components leave as gas from the top. Product Image. No mass transfer will take place 0. Calculate the driving forces in Example 1.

Since the aq. Now, mass-volume concentration :. Determine the 1. The column operates at 98 kPa pressure. So chloroform will diffuse into the vapor phase from the liquid to attend the equilibrium composition.

Plantwide control of CO2 capture by absorption and stripping using monoethanolamine solution

Therefore, there will occur counterdiffusion : Benzene diffusing from the yap phase to the liq phase. Chloroform diffusing from the liq phase to the yap phase. KG,y' kmoll h. KG,p' hmol I h. KG,y , hmol I h. From the foregoing relationship: KG,y. Ms From Table Carbon dioxide gas is absorbed in a packed tower mm dia and filled with 38mm Raschig rings up to a height of 3m. Air is used as carrier-gas while 2. The gas rate is kgl h. Determine the value of overall volumetric gas-phase mass transfer coefficient, if the tower is operated at Solution: The solvent stream is solute-free.

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The value of overall volumetric mass transfer coefficient w. In a 3m Packed Bed of 38mm Raschig Rings. Therefore, the vap. Show how the overall volumetric transfer coefficient, KG,y. The operating pressure and temperature and solvent strength remaining the same. Show the variation graphically. Solution: Yb' [ppm] 0. A binary mixture of air and carbon tetrachloride CTC vapor compressed to a pressure of kPa is cooled in a tubular water-cooled condenser.

Condensation of CTC sets in at K. Thereafter we'll determine the mass fraction, mole ratio and extraction factor in subsequence. P or, Example 1.

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In a packed-bed air drying tower, moist-air is scrubbed with concentrated sulfuric acid. The column is operated at atmospheric pressure with the following moisture content in the air and acid: Stream Air Acid Initial Moisture Content 0. Since the density of dry air under standard conditions is 1. Determine the overall mass transfer coefficient.

Solutions: Use is to be made of the eqn. An Acetone-Air mixture containing 1. Assume Law holds good here, estimate the number of transfer units required. Number of Overall Transfer Units 1. Problem 1. If in the above Example 1. The gas and liquid rates remain the same and the same VLE-eqn. Plot the variation graphically.

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Gs Hydrogen sulfide is absorbed in a packed bed absorption tower using triethanolamine-water solvent in a countercurrent arrangement. The column operates at K and at atmospheric pressure. The feed gas contains 0. H gets physically absorbed in the aq. The feed gas stream enters the column at the rate of 60 kmol of inert HCIh per m 2 of tower cross-section. If the absorption process is a gas controlled one, calculate 1. The overall volumetric coefficient for absorption is : K - kmol G,Ya - h.

Solution: We shall use Eqn. H kL,c. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that liq and gas phase resistances are equal : 1 1 i. H kL,c a Therefore, from Eqn.

Dff,G 1. Therefore, the liq-film resistance to the diffusion of ammonia is negligibly small, i. Benzene vapor carried by an inert gas mixture is scrubbed with hydrocarbon oil in a packed bed whereupon the benzene is absorbed in the countercurrent stream of scrubbing liquor which enters the column solute-free at the top of the column.

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The concentration of benzene in the oil leaving the absorber is 0. MDF i. Sulfur dioxide carried by inert gas nitrogen is charged to an absorption tower operating at In order to achieve absorption at the rate of 1 ton S02per hour, estimate: 1. Il: W I- ::J.. X t has been deliberately not equated to zero for the case of understanding of theoretically minimum rate of solvent. Acetone is to be recovered from air-acetone mixture using water as a solvent in a solvent in a packed tower with counterflow arrangement. Next the number of such transfer units required.

And finally the product of these two will give us the required packed depth. PHASE 0. VLE-line of Acetone. From the graph, the slope of the eqil.

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Sulfur dioxide is removed from air stream by absorbing it in a 0. If the tower is operated at kPa, calculate the film transfer coefficient for absorption which is predominantly gas-film controlled one.

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  7. Solution: Use may be made of wetted wall column as the model for packed column. This may serve as the basis for the development of correlations for packed towers. Work on wetted wall columns by Gilliland, et. Gilliland and T. Sherwood - Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.